Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday was sports day at daycare, and the kids were to wear there favorite team/sport shirt. I LOVE theme days, so INSTANTLY my search mission was put into action. I was short on time and couldn't get what I wanted ASAP, darn. Since Diego loves soccer I was on the hunt for something a la David Beckham or since I'm a Mavs kinda girl, a Dirk or my FAV Jason Kidd **insert swoon here** shirt of course. Remember those "Dirk is my Homeboy" shirts they had a couple of years back, that would of been awesome. But of course my original mission failed, but I did find these cool NFL shirts at Old Navy. I'm so not a football person, I don't understand it and I don't like it really, and Daddy pretty much is in the same boat. Still these were too cute, and since I'm also not a Dallas Cowboys fan, I refused to put my boys in a Dallas Cowboy jersey. This is the only time I have ever dressed Diego and Dylan the same, and I think Diego kinda liked it. My older brother did let me know that the Raiders totally suck, but he did like the shirts. So I guess I will call him next time for advice.

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