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The Way I View | Back to School

Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm so excited to be a part of a blog circle through Clickin Moms. This month the theme is The Way I View Back to School. I will admit I was a slacker the last few weeks with my boy starting kinder and his first year of soccer and numerous other demands. I don't think I took very many personal pictures, or for our theme. I do however have Diego's first day of school pics that I have yet to share on this blog. Lets just say the first few weeks of school were very rough for ME. I was an emotional wreck having to drop off my first born at school. Every crazy scenario that could happen popped into my head. I was a mess. Diego on the other hand, loves school. Every day he is eager to get up and go. So now 6 weeks later, that anxiety is no longer at high alert like it was. Please ignore the fact that some of these images are out of focus. It was kind of hard to take a GOOD picture when I was holding back tears and trying not to hyperventilate.

First Day of School

The moment my heart broke and I had to run out of the class before he cried or saw me cry.

Second Day
Third Day
Fourth  Day- which is also the day he came home with a cold :(
Fifth Day. As you can tell he was over taking pictures every morning.
Fifth Day at 6 pm. Out cold.

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