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Random Rant…

Monday, August 24, 2009

So I decided there are two types of people in this world, those who want kids, and those who don’t. Period. Well not so long ago I was one who did not want kids. Nope. I was perfectly content spoiling my bratty nieces and nephews and sending them back home all sugared up. I wanted to be free of complications and responsibility. Of course, every one always said “it’s different when you have your own” and I just smiled and thought to myself Yeah Right. Well some years passed and I found myself wanting to have kids. I’m sure you can imagine the horror I felt. Then I had my kids, and to my surprise, life is great. Yeah I can’t always just drop what I’m doing and go shopping or out with friends without lining up a sitter first, but I’m okay. I’m living day after day with two adorable little monsters that call me Mommy. They love me no matter what, even when I have a bad hair day or sudden breakout of acne. Matter of fact, my niece has told me numerous times that she can’t believe I’m a mom, and I haven’t decided if I should be offended or not by that comment. Life is great, fun, exciting. Yes sometimes I think about the good old days, when we could have quiet peaceful dinners at Restaurants, not just any joint that has a playground, about the days when I could sleep in until noon, of the days when shopping meant buying MYSELF a couple on new pairs of shoes. In those days I never knew I could feel a sense of happiness and satisfaction like I do now, to the 100th power. These days I can’t imagine my boring little life without the excitement of Diego learning new words, and Dylan sucking on his fat feet.

Sorry, back to the point. So last week I went out for dinner and movie with a couple of my friends/coworkers. FYI, these friends do NOT have kids. We were having a great time with our never ending pasta bowls and the subject of “NOT having kids” came up. OF course I’m stuck at the table with the ANTI-KID lovers. All the typical arguments came up such as “I’m to selfish” and “I like to be able to get up and go” and “I don’t like having to curve my spending” etc, etc, etc. I swore I would never ever be the one to say, “it’s different when you have your own” and yes ladies and gentlemen I said it. It came out before I even had a chance to stop it. Funny thing, I actually meant it, and I finally understood why people would always say that to me. I really doubt I changed any ones mind about having kids that night, but it’s not my job to either. The only point I’m pretty sure I got across was this: Yes life is a little more hectic, but it is worth it. I don’t see it as giving up anything when your living it but also enjoying it, yes my spending happens change- only because I buy my kids more stuff than myself, heck I probably spend way more now. Finally, you don’t know love until you have a child.

Phew, this has been bugging me all week, I really needed to vent. Thanks guys for listening.

Oh yeah, no one ever told me that when you have kids, your house would look like a tornado came through. Thanks guys.


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Blast from the Past

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I decided it would be fun to post some pictures of Diego from the last two years. I can’t believe my eyes when I see how much he  has grown

In my belly


One Day Old000_0067

One Month


3 Months old


6 Months                                            9 Months



12 Months

New Image3

15 Months


18 Months102_0353

Two Years OldIMG_0123

Such a bittersweet moment. What a beautiful boy! My life has been truly blessed. I love you to pieces Diego.

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Gonna Party Like its 1999

So Diego birthday celebrations kicked off with a “mini” celebration at his school with the people he spends most of his day with. Diego was so cute and was such a good helper. He made sure to let me know if his friends needed more juice or another cupcake. He was so happy for me to be there.


102_1388 102_1389

Diego and all his friends


The birthday extravaganza continued with his present from Mommy and Daddy the morning of his big day.

I decided to put together a little bag with all of Diego’s favorite things. What else do you give a two year old that has practically everything?

Some of the goodies that we filled his bag with.


102_1407 102_1420

I don’t know who was more excited Diego, or me.


102_1458 102_1471 Diego LOVED his gift. Now he carries his backpack full of toys every where we go.

Finally we celebrated Diego’s 2nd Birthday with a “little” birthday party. We had so much fun, and a lot of our family and good friends helped us celebrate. It was such a busy day, plus a bad cake experience, but at end of day Diego enjoyed himself, and that is all that matters.

This year we went with The Backyardigans theme, Diego’s favorite cartoon.  I have to thank Tia Prieta and Tio Raul for finding the awesome centerpieces and pinata.IMG_0164IMG_0157

Diego and Tio Hito

IMG_0167 IMG_0145 I just love this picture of Diego blowing out his candles


Our beautiful guests


The Birthday Loot. Diego is obsessed with cars, so he was so excited the next day to open up all his gifts. IMG_0177 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to wish Diego a Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the love and gifts. We love you guys! See you guys next year.

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Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The moment that I have been dreading for the last year has finally arrived. My little boy is 2! Oh the horror! My baby is not a baby, but a toddler. I miss my chubby, curly haired baby. Can you experience Empty nest syndrome with toddlers? Despite my reluctance to allow my baby boy to be a big boy, we have enjoyed these past two years with silly Diego. He is the sweetest little boy ever.


To Diego,

The 24 Things I Love About You

I love how when we cuddle in bed together, you twirl my hair around your little fingers. Who ever ends up with you is going to be one lucky girl

I love how you say “I yuv you too Mama”

I love how you love your brother Dylan, kiss on him, and make sure to tell me when he is crying

I love how you refuse to eat anything I want you to eat

I love how you talk to the tv when you watch Blues Clues, “ Da clu Mama, da clue”

I love your chubby feet, your round belly, and your cute nose


I love that you have to sleep with your cars in your crib, and want to them everywhere you go

I love that you are picking up on more Spanish everyday

I love how you are such a sweet, happy, loving boy

I love that you love to read

I love that you love to color, even when its on the walls

I love that you say “Thank you” and “Your Welcome”

I love that you ignore me when I call your name, then you reply “What, Mama, What”. I thought that would only happen when you are a teenager

I love that you are obsessed with trains. Every time you see a train you sat “choo choo choo CHOO CHOO” and “bye bye twain, i yuv you”

I love that you love to give me kisses

I love you even though you throw tantrums

I love that you love to sing and dance

I love your once curly hair

I love your dimples

I love that your Daddy is your best buddy


I love that your Grandpa Deddy is your second best friend

I love how  you have blessed my life

I love that you love your cousins, your aunts and uncles

I love that you can play well with others



I love you more than you will ever understand, and one day when you have kids of your own you will begin to comprehend the depth of Mommies love for you. Happy Birthday Diego!

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5 Months

Dylan is growing at a rapid rate I can barely keep up with him. This month has been the month of “Firsts” for Dylan. He started eating baby food, he is trying to sit-up, and he has almost achieved rolling from his back to his tummy. Dylan has always been a great sleeper, and he still is, and he is still as happy and precious as always.


Every once in a while the little pumpkin refuses to go to bed. We even tried the old “let him cry it out routine” and well it worked after 30 minutes. This month Dylan has showed a new side to his usual cool, calm and collected demeanor. Screaming. A full blow shrieking, temper tantrum scream. Mostly when he is hungry and we are unable to feed him as quick as he expects, or when he is sick of being in a certain position. Much to everyone surprise, our perfect baby has a dark side.

First attempt at oatmeal

102_1334These were going relatively well… 102_1297 102_1305








Until I decided to stop and take a couple of pictures of his first feeding. Lets just say Dylan was not a happy camper.

102_1332 102_1333

A few weeks later we tried Carrots. Jackpot! He loves carrots, he can’ get enough of them.

IMG_0059 Dylan has two new best friends- his chubby little hands. Forget the pacifier, just give him his built in soother and he is as content as he can be.

IMG_0115 IMG_0118







Dylan loves spending time with his silly older brother. He just stares at Diego and smiles at him, he even giggles when Diego talks too him.



My favorite “First” of all, is Dylan playing with his chunky toes. Too cute!

102_1495 102_1496

Hopefully 6 month old Dylan will be as cute, cuddly, and adorable as 5 month old Dylan has been.

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Such a Slacker

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sorry guys that I have been slacking on keeping this updated. I will be updating my blog this weekend with Diegos Birthday Pics, his two year old post, and Dylans 5 month old post. I have been a very busy girl with finals and party planning, but finally I see SOME free time coming up soon.

I do have on exciting update! I finally bought my camera that I have been researching/comtemplating/undecided about for the last couple of months. Yep, this is my new baby the Canon EOS T1I 15.1 Mp. I have taken a few test shots, and I still need to read my manual. I will definitely be using this baby this weekend and posting awesome pics. Im so happy I can scream. Thanks to my wonderful husband for finally giving in!

So please Amy stop bugging me about updating my blog!

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