Such a Slacker

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sorry guys that I have been slacking on keeping this updated. I will be updating my blog this weekend with Diegos Birthday Pics, his two year old post, and Dylans 5 month old post. I have been a very busy girl with finals and party planning, but finally I see SOME free time coming up soon.

I do have on exciting update! I finally bought my camera that I have been researching/comtemplating/undecided about for the last couple of months. Yep, this is my new baby the Canon EOS T1I 15.1 Mp. I have taken a few test shots, and I still need to read my manual. I will definitely be using this baby this weekend and posting awesome pics. Im so happy I can scream. Thanks to my wonderful husband for finally giving in!

So please Amy stop bugging me about updating my blog!

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