Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The moment that I have been dreading for the last year has finally arrived. My little boy is 2! Oh the horror! My baby is not a baby, but a toddler. I miss my chubby, curly haired baby. Can you experience Empty nest syndrome with toddlers? Despite my reluctance to allow my baby boy to be a big boy, we have enjoyed these past two years with silly Diego. He is the sweetest little boy ever.


To Diego,

The 24 Things I Love About You

I love how when we cuddle in bed together, you twirl my hair around your little fingers. Who ever ends up with you is going to be one lucky girl

I love how you say “I yuv you too Mama”

I love how you love your brother Dylan, kiss on him, and make sure to tell me when he is crying

I love how you refuse to eat anything I want you to eat

I love how you talk to the tv when you watch Blues Clues, “ Da clu Mama, da clue”

I love your chubby feet, your round belly, and your cute nose


I love that you have to sleep with your cars in your crib, and want to them everywhere you go

I love that you are picking up on more Spanish everyday

I love how you are such a sweet, happy, loving boy

I love that you love to read

I love that you love to color, even when its on the walls

I love that you say “Thank you” and “Your Welcome”

I love that you ignore me when I call your name, then you reply “What, Mama, What”. I thought that would only happen when you are a teenager

I love that you are obsessed with trains. Every time you see a train you sat “choo choo choo CHOO CHOO” and “bye bye twain, i yuv you”

I love that you love to give me kisses

I love you even though you throw tantrums

I love that you love to sing and dance

I love your once curly hair

I love your dimples

I love that your Daddy is your best buddy


I love that your Grandpa Deddy is your second best friend

I love how  you have blessed my life

I love that you love your cousins, your aunts and uncles

I love that you can play well with others



I love you more than you will ever understand, and one day when you have kids of your own you will begin to comprehend the depth of Mommies love for you. Happy Birthday Diego!

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Anonymous said...

I almost cried with this one.

Marilou C

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