Gonna Party Like its 1999

Sunday, August 16, 2009

So Diego birthday celebrations kicked off with a “mini” celebration at his school with the people he spends most of his day with. Diego was so cute and was such a good helper. He made sure to let me know if his friends needed more juice or another cupcake. He was so happy for me to be there.


102_1388 102_1389

Diego and all his friends


The birthday extravaganza continued with his present from Mommy and Daddy the morning of his big day.

I decided to put together a little bag with all of Diego’s favorite things. What else do you give a two year old that has practically everything?

Some of the goodies that we filled his bag with.


102_1407 102_1420

I don’t know who was more excited Diego, or me.


102_1458 102_1471 Diego LOVED his gift. Now he carries his backpack full of toys every where we go.

Finally we celebrated Diego’s 2nd Birthday with a “little” birthday party. We had so much fun, and a lot of our family and good friends helped us celebrate. It was such a busy day, plus a bad cake experience, but at end of day Diego enjoyed himself, and that is all that matters.

This year we went with The Backyardigans theme, Diego’s favorite cartoon.  I have to thank Tia Prieta and Tio Raul for finding the awesome centerpieces and pinata.IMG_0164IMG_0157

Diego and Tio Hito

IMG_0167 IMG_0145 I just love this picture of Diego blowing out his candles


Our beautiful guests


The Birthday Loot. Diego is obsessed with cars, so he was so excited the next day to open up all his gifts. IMG_0177 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to wish Diego a Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the love and gifts. We love you guys! See you guys next year.

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