5 Months

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dylan is growing at a rapid rate I can barely keep up with him. This month has been the month of “Firsts” for Dylan. He started eating baby food, he is trying to sit-up, and he has almost achieved rolling from his back to his tummy. Dylan has always been a great sleeper, and he still is, and he is still as happy and precious as always.


Every once in a while the little pumpkin refuses to go to bed. We even tried the old “let him cry it out routine” and well it worked after 30 minutes. This month Dylan has showed a new side to his usual cool, calm and collected demeanor. Screaming. A full blow shrieking, temper tantrum scream. Mostly when he is hungry and we are unable to feed him as quick as he expects, or when he is sick of being in a certain position. Much to everyone surprise, our perfect baby has a dark side.

First attempt at oatmeal

102_1334These were going relatively well… 102_1297 102_1305








Until I decided to stop and take a couple of pictures of his first feeding. Lets just say Dylan was not a happy camper.

102_1332 102_1333

A few weeks later we tried Carrots. Jackpot! He loves carrots, he can’ get enough of them.

IMG_0059 Dylan has two new best friends- his chubby little hands. Forget the pacifier, just give him his built in soother and he is as content as he can be.

IMG_0115 IMG_0118







Dylan loves spending time with his silly older brother. He just stares at Diego and smiles at him, he even giggles when Diego talks too him.



My favorite “First” of all, is Dylan playing with his chunky toes. Too cute!

102_1495 102_1496

Hopefully 6 month old Dylan will be as cute, cuddly, and adorable as 5 month old Dylan has been.

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