Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today after bath time, I caught the sweetest pictures of my boys playing together. Diego definitely is enjoying Dylan now that he can kinda crawl and situp and play with him. These two are going to be great buddies.

So later in the day we headed to the mall, and as usual we prevented any tantrums by giving Diego some cookies. This gives us about an hour or so before he wants to climb out of the stroller. This is the conversation that took place as we were leaving the mall:

Me: Diego, you have cookies all over your pants. You made a mess.

Diego: Yeah. Dylie did it Mama.

Me: Dylie dirtied your pants with the cookies?

Diego: Yess. Dylie eat cookie, put on my pant.

Me: Really? Dylan that is not very nice.

Diego: Yeah Dylie not nice.

In the car:

Diego: Dylie, bad boy. No eat my cookie and put on my pant.

Yeah, they are going to be great buddies.

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