Black Friday

Sunday, November 29, 2009


This year was the first time ever that I waited in line at any store ever way early in the morning. It will also be the last time. A couple of weeks ago I saw an add for Toys R Us, if you bought a train table you will get a train set for free. Since we were planning to buy Diego a train table anyway, I decided I would go shopping when they opened at midnight. My sister and I headed out, we seriously did not know how crazy it would be. We left her house around 9ish and arrived at the store around 9:30ish, to our surprise there was already a line, not bad of line, but one long enough for us to hurry up and park and take our place. Apparently, the new big toy this year is Zhu Zhu pet, a hamster thing, and most of the people were in line to buy one. Turns out they were sold out everywhere and people were selling this $10 toy for around $100 on Ebay. So we did what any sane person would do, we got a ticket for a Zhu Zhu pet, just in case, my sisters kids wanted one, or maybe sell them on Ebay. So we waited for 2 1/2 hours in the cold, chatted with people, even helped the people behind us get a ticket for the pony they were planning to buy, they only had 15 tickets so we were lucky. Then an hour before the store opened it got crazy, there was cars and people everywhere, people trying to cut in line, people in line screaming at the people trying to cut, just plain nuts. Thank goodness Toys R Us informed all non-line people they would not be allowed in until all the line people went in the store. The line was massive, good thing we were part of the first 50 or so. Finally we went in, I had enough time to grab the train table, and a couple of things that I was not even planning to buy but the price was ridiculously awesome, before the store was so jam packed you couldn’t move, I think I took a whole 10 minutes to get what I wanted if that. We decided to go ahead and get in the ever growing line to pay, because we couldn’t shop anymore at this point. We were out of the store by 1ish, and we brilliantly decided to go wait at Old Navy since they were opening at 3am. My sister wanted a game for my nephew they were giving away. We waited at Old Navy for an hour and a half, when they finally came out to give people tickets they ran out within a minute. What the…? We went ahead and stayed, my sister found a pair of jeans she wanted and ran to the ever growing line, and I tried to maneuver in the jam packed store. It was a fun, scary, crazy, night. I won’t be doing that ever again.


The line at Toys R Us when we arrived, not bad, the line behind us was way worse.


I snagged these toys for Diego, I didn’t have enough time or space to find anything for Dylan.

The Imaginarium train table, the only reason I decided to wait in line, but I saved $50!

train table train set

I saw this in the circular as we waited in line, it was a great deal


The Idog was also on sale for $5, I couldn’t pass that up.


Probably not a good idea, since Diego already writes on the walls. This Aquadoodle Mat you hang on the wall, and the markers only work on the mat. SCORE!


These Thomas the Trains were on sale for $5 bucks each. You could never have enough trains.

spencer thomas

I can’t wait for Christmas!

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