Laurie "Stewart" Is My New Name

Saturday, November 28, 2009

So back in the day, like when I was in elementary school, I used to be quiet the artist/creative girl. I mean, I won art contests, that's how serious I was. I kinda grew away from it, but now that girl is back in full force. Somewhere deep inside there is a mini Martha Stewart waiting to come out, and secretly I have always loved Martha Stewart. I am a frequent visitor of Martha's website.

So after reading about these ornaments wreaths here then here, I decided I wanted to make one also. I was so pumped I told everyone-my coworkers, sisters, friends, anyone who would listen. Of course, a couple of people laughed at me, well mainly my sister Amy. She is older so I know that is her job to doubt me. So I did what both of these bloggers said to do and headed to the Dollar Tree to pick up some ornaments. Unfortunately, I wanted to do mine in red, black,and silver, so I only bought the silver/gray, and mini red ornaments. I headed to Walmart and bought both small and medium sized black ornaments and medium sized red ornaments. I however bought way to many ornaments, I had two unopened boxes left over, the wreath calls for 80 ornaments. Don't ask me how many I used I think it was around 50-60, I really did buy way to many.

So basically all you need is a wire hanger, I didn't have any so I stole some from my dad, a glue gun and ornaments. You unwrap the hanger, and form a circle out of the hanger. I had Jesus do this for me, it was somewhat a circle at the end. Then I just threaded the ornaments on alternating shape and color, and used the mini ornaments to fill the gaps. I hot-glued the hooks to the balls, especially the dollar store ornaments, those totally suck. They kept breaking and falling off. You can do this wreath really inexpensive with these ornaments but they are really bad quality. I think I made mine for about $20. I should have just bought all of the ornaments from Walmart, those held together fine and did not fall off at all. Oh yeah, shatter- proof ornaments are really shatter-proof, Diego tested that out for me by rolling them on the ground and throwing them.

At first I thought it wasn't working out, so I went back and read the directions and continued on. It got better the more ornaments I put on

This is my finished wreath!

It isn't Potter Barn quality, but it's still cute and very easy to make. Martha would be proud. I even attempted to make a little Martha-esque bow out of the ribbon I bought for my tree. This plaid ribbon was my inspiration for my wreath and my whole color scheme this year. Since I didn't decorate or even put up my tree last year, I have to redeem myself.

Watch out Martha here I come!

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One Response to “Laurie "Stewart" Is My New Name”

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wreath, the colors are gorgeous! I'm so glad you started publicly following me so that I could stumble upon your great blog! Your boys are riduciously cute! (loving the photo shoot with that cute hat above!!)

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