Off to The North Pole Express

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few weeks ago we went to Christmas on Main in Downtown Grapevine.  Downtown Grapevine is the neatest little place with the with all the shops, lights, Christmas decorations, and of course The North Pole Express. We decided to ride The North Pole Express since we were in the area, and I knew Diego would love it. Since this was a spur of the moment trip, the boys did not have their pajamas on, well actually not many kids did. Diego had a blast! He was so excited to ride the train, even more so than the time we rode the Miniature Trains. He spent most of his time with his head out the window, and I spent most of the time holding on to his legs, shoes, or arms, so he wouldn't fall out. On the train we sang Christmas songs and we had a surprise visit from Santa too! Despite my lighting issues, I did manage to capture some great moments.

This is when Santa was making his way down the aisle. Diego was so in awe, it was just ADORABLE. I really thought he would freak out like he did last year, but he was so cool about it.

This is really a blurry pic, but I thought it was the sweetest one of all. I was shocked at Diego's excitement with Santa. He was on top of the world after he touched Santa's hand.

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