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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Dylie,

I can't believe you are nine months old now, only a few more months left until your first birthday. These past 9 months have been the best days of our little families' life. you completed our little circle and made us the happiest parents, and Diego the best BIG brother. You are such a big, active boy now. We are definitely having some fun now.

This past month you have had many firsts. You finally had a bath with your big brother at the same time. That was the funnest thing for you. You love your big brother and enjoy being around him as much as possible, and you also enjoy bothering him too.

Mommy and Daddy have definitely spoiled you and let you get away with a lot. I still love to rock you to sleep, when you cry at night we pickup you up and put you in bed with us. I know we shouldn't, but you have always loved to cuddle, and you sleep well when you do, and so do we.

You also had your first, and second ear infection. You were such a sick boy, and not your usual self. Dr. S said you would take after your big brother healthwise, and it took you a whole 9 months before you experienced his health issues. We even started you on an inhaler just like Diego did at this age. This was a rough time for you baby boy, but we got through it all in one piece.

Finally, you have mastered the art of crawling. No more belly flops or army shuffle. You crawl all over the place, picking up everything you see on your way. Your still working on pulling yourself up, and I have to say it's funny to watch you try

Your still as loveable and adorable as always, you love kisses, and love when Mommy and Daddy talk to you. You enjoying playing with Diego's cars, and playing with all your cousins. Your smile is contagious, and your laugh is the cutest thing. Diego always says "Dylie happy, Mama".

Dylan, you love your baby food. You tried white grape juice for the first time, but its not your favorite yet. You also started eating crackers, you love crackers. Probablly your favorite food you have had is pizza crust, you ate 3 whole pizzas at Chuck E. Cheese. Those 2 little teeth of yours are good tools.

We also celebrated your first Thanksgiving! I was quiet impressed with you, you were such a well behaved baby. Even when you were passed around from person to person, you didn't cry or struggle. You ate your very own turkey and rice meal, and you devoured it.

Like Diego says "I love you much" Dylan.

Love Mommy

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