Tis the Season

Saturday, December 19, 2009

For Christmas Parties! Daddy and I love sending little goodies to Diego's class parties. We always sign up for cookies or cupcakes, and goodie bags. Jesus is always the baker,  and my coworkers are always amazed that he bakes, but he will do anything for Diego, including making cupcakes. We are no Cake Boss, but we definitely do try and I'm sure one day Diego and Dylan will appreciate our efforts. Personally I prefer A LOT more frosting, but Jesus and Diego like the cupcake with as little or no frosting as possible.

"Yummee Cucakess" in Diego speak

My goodie bags

I even decided to give all the kids in Diego's class a little gift from Diego, so I hit the dollar section of Target and scored these cute Christmas books.

I also found these cute miniature plant kits in the dollar section, that I gave to the teachers that care for my boys. I got the idea from some random search I did on the internet, and luckily I found these for a buck each. I attached a tag to each that states "Thanks for helping me grow" and included a goodie bag for each teacher. Despite the fact that this was a last minute idea, and I didn't have any cute tags or Christmas paper for the tags, actually I just cut these out of a file folder, I think they came out pretty nice.

I really can't wait for Valentines Day, I found some adorable ideas for treats that I can't wait to try out.

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