Christmas with Friends

Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Friday, our playgroup got together for a little Christmas party, mommy time, and a gift exchange for the kids. We had a very budget friendly $5 limit- because it's not how much you spend right it's the thought that counts. The kids were so excited, even the babies were having a blast. We are so lucky that all of our kids are not only around the same age range, but all get along. In case you were wondering, our playgroup consists of my highschool friends, but now we are all grown up and wonderful moms. We decided a while back we really needed to keep in touch besides just baby showers and birthday parties, and emails. So our girl time playgroup is just like back in the day when we were crazy gossiping teenage girls.Some of us have know each other all of our lives, some met in elementary school, and some in middle school or highschool.
 We have experienced Sweet 15, graduations, first babies, weddings, second babies, and everything else in between. So we are really truly blessed that our kids can grow up together. To my wonderful friends, thanks for being there, and I love you guys!

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