Stop and Smell the Roses

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sometimes I have to slow down, forget about the rules, and appreciate every passing minute with my boys. I don’t want to regret anything because I was to busy worrying about the “schedule” or the “routine”. I forget about what the experts say, what I read, what I know works. These are my moments.

Every once in a while, I don’t worry that Diego isn’t spic and span. Even with milk and cereal dribbling out of his mouth he still is adorable.


I let him conquer the big slide at the park, without help.

IMG_0249 Its okay to allow him to watch tv with Daddy, even though he now likes to pretend he is shooting at us.IMG_0616 I will allow him to play with “baby” toys, sit in the swing and bouncer. No matter how big he is for them, he still is my baby.

102_1571 102_1580



Sometimes both voluntarily and involuntarily, I let him stay up pass his bedtime, eat candy, drink a soda, play in the rain, kiss me goodnight for as long as he wants, go to bed without a shower, pick out what he wants to wear, throw tantrums, sleep in, eat crackers and juice in the morning so I can get him dressed, not brush his hair, wears his pajamas all day, let him take off his shoes in the grocery store, eat meals on the couch, not make everything a learning opportunity.

IMG_0376 I just let my guard down, let go of the strings a little and let him be a toddler.

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