Kid Tested, Mommy Approved

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is my new best friend! Why? Well, Diego LOVES to use my camera and take pictures. He even uses the remote, my phone, anything and pretends its a camera and then makes a clicking sound as he pretends to take a picture. He's my little budding photographer. Of course, Im so SCARED he's going to drop MY camera and break it or delete all of my pictures. Since I bought my Canon, I rarely use my Kodak camera, so I was thinking about giving it to him and letting him go to town. Still I was worried because I knew he would just break it and I would end up buying another one. So one day I was reading a blog and came across the subject of this camera. The Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera. I was like this is perfect. It's a real digital camera, but for kids and tough enough to survive a toddler and very easy to use. Of course I did what I always do, I researched it and read the reviews, and then I just bought it. So far Diego loves it, the picture quality is not like any of my other cameras but it's good enough for a toddler. It's even waterproof, and it has a LCD screen. So stinkin' CUTE! Of course stubborn Diego isn't letting me teach him how to use it the correct way, but Im sure he will learn. I will be posting Diego's pics soon in my new segment: Life as Diego knows it. Or something like that, I haven't decided what I would call it yet.

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