Half a Year Has Passed…

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Since Dylan has turned our worlds upside down, in a good way of course. Dylan is still my calm, cool and collected baby. He STILL has his dark side, but for the most party he’s a chill little dude. Dylan had his 6 month check up on Monday and he is still growing like a weed, well more like a tree. Dylan is definitely not of big fan of shots, probably not the best part of our day. Dylan has finally mastered turning onto his back from his tummy. I of course only see him once he has completely turned, he is a fast little sucker. He is forever attempting to sit-up: in the highchair, car seat, and swing. He can balance for a little bit, like a Weeble wobble, it actually is pretty funny to watch.  He is such a good sleeper, thank goodness. During the weekends he sleeps in until around 9am, unlike big brother who wakes up at 7 am.


He loves playing with toys, especially his activity mat. He reaches for the toys, kicks, babbles, and laughs.




Dylan of course is big brothers number one fan. He loves Diego. He can just stare at him for hours, if only Diego would sit still long enough. Diego loves his little brother too. He is such a wonderful big brother to Dylan. Dylan is such a lucky boy.



Dylan’s 6 Month Stats

Weight: 17.12 lbs

Length: 29 inches

Head Circumfrence: 17 3/4 inches

Compare to 4 mths stats

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