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Friday, September 4, 2009


So how do you know you are in desperate need of a night out in the town with your friends, laughing up a storm minus the kids?

When you think of silly unimportant facts, that only a Mom can think of. Like what you ask?

Diego is obsessed with Blues Clues. For the last year and a half we have watched Blues Clues in the morning, afternoon, evening, even on DVR. Don't get me wrong I love it too, and I love to watch my little man find the clues and sing along. During all that time I had one little thing bugging me... Why on earth is Blue the only thing that doesn't speak? Of course I understand the premise of the show is about trying to figure out what Blue wants to do. Still, all the other inanimate objects speak. The soap, mailbox, Paprika and her parents, even the other dogs and cats speak. I just think this would confuse a kid, because it obviously confused me. Maybe I just have to much time on my hands that things like this bother me. Or maybe I just need a night out with adults and adult conversations, with whole sentences, and drinks other than "juicy juice". Another thing, did you guys realize Blue is a girl? Yeah it took me some time to figure that out.

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