When the Cat is Away...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I don't about you guys, but I'm away the boys just seem to run wild. Just plain nuts. If you have a spouse like mine, who can't coordinate clothing for the little ones, then you also have to make sure you leave matching clothes for the kids. So every night I iron my uniforms and clothes for Diego and Dylan for the next day. I'm sure many of you are gasping of the idea of ironing, and I have had that conversation with everyone I know. Yes, I iron every night, it might be an OCD thing, I don't know. The stranger thing is, my sisters do it too, they iron every night or morning. Maybe it's just a cultural thing. What do you think? ANYWAY, so when I have class I make sure Daddy has matching clothes for the kids, I find the socks- because he still doesn't know where they are, I find the shoes, call him in the morning and make sure he knows where I left everything, remind him to give the kids their medicine, etc,etc. There have been days when I just went to bed without doing this, and I come home and the kids look like orphans, and he has actually taken them out shopping like that! The horror I know! Pretty much the Diego rules the house when I'm gone, eats candy all day, lays around in his pajamas watching tv. Like this morning when I got out of the shower Diego was awake and had a sucker in his mouth, at 6 am. I just looked at Daddy and he is all like "What"?

Last weekend, I came home to Diego eating this. He said "Dada gave me sprikles, I love sprikles". Cupcake sprinkles, I don't think they are part of the food pyramid.

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