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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm sure you remember my brave attempts of transitioning Diego to his big boy bed. Yeah, well that didn't quite work out as planned so we pretty much gave up on that. So Diego is pretty much still sleeping in his crib, and he is perfectly happy with it. Well last weekend, on our way home Diego fell asleep in the car. As soon as he touched the crib he woke up crying, of course it was late so we just comforted him and let him try to fall asleep. He didn't. He just cried, and called for us to get him out. We could hear him in the monitor, but we knew he would fall asleep pretty quick because he always does. So after a while, Daddy opened our door and there was little man just standing in the hallway. Yes he climbed out! I don't know how but he did. First we were shocked because he has never attempted to get out of his crib, never. Then we had to make sure he was okay, which he was. He just said " I don wanna go night night". Eventually we put him back in his crib and he fell asleep, without any escape attempts. I'm convinced he has been secretly trying to get out his crib, planning his escape route, for who knows how long. So yeah, I think we will be going to the big boy bed plan again, just to keep him safe. The next morning I noticed he had a bump on his head, and I asked him what happened, he said " I jump out my crib, hit my head on the floor", but rest assured he has not jumped out of his crib since that night. I think he might of scared himself.

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