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Monday, October 19, 2009

I absolutely HATE taking pictures, I really don't like it. I spend most of my time taking pictures of the boys, or Daddy and the boys, or my family. As you can imagine I don't have many pictures of just Me and the boys. I decided I was going to stop being so picky and self conscious and FORCE myself to take pictures. This weekend we went to the pumpkin patch, and I took so many pictures with my boys I was quite amazed. Of course there are some that are horrible, but Iam also my own worst critic, but I resisted and did not delete them. One day when I am long gone, I want Diego and Dylan to have countless captured memories of me enjoying being a mom, me crazy in love with them, me at my worst and best. I think they would rather have those bad images of me where my hair was messy, or my face was contorted, than nothing at all. Still I will never show anyone except my boys those ugly pics. These are my favorites:

So if you are anything like me, let your hair down and relax,enjoy the ride,but don't forget to include yourself in those pictures with your loved ones.

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