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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have been wondering if I should openly admit this or not, but a few of you know my weakness. It used to be shoes, shoes, shoes. That was before I had kids. Since I had my boys I have become even more nuts. Don’t get me wrong I’m not OVER THE TOP need a Intervention type of shopaholic, don’t worry, I do have limits. But if your like me, I can’t resist a good sale. For instance I bought Diego a pair of wannabe Vans slip-ons from Old Navy that are a couple of sizes to big only because they were on clearance for $5, and they were neon green and black. Adorable! I even bought a desk for $5 that was originally $50. So I guess you can say I’m a resourceful shopaholic.

This was Diego’s closet before he was born, and there was a ton more stuff from my showers that hadn’t made it in there at that time. I had so much stuff Diego maybe wore some things once before he grew out of it. Good thing Dylan was a boy, he put all that clothes to good use. What? So I went a bit overboard on shopping for my FIRST born. That is normal right?


I took this pic a couple of months ago. These are all of Diego’s shoes. It is so much worse now. Not all the shoes fit in the closet, so some our in my room. That kid has more shoes than I think I have had in my whole life.

102_0599 See what I mean? Whew! I feel much better. So with that I want to show you some of the new Fall/Winter stuff I have had my eye on. I just love black and gray, rock n roll, skulls, anything out of the box, for my boys.

gap2 gap3

gap5 gap4

gap6 GAP 1

Get these looks here

I also found this website through other mommy blogs. They have very cute stuff and affordable, not like some boutique kids stores I have come across on the internet. I bough this stuff:

crazy8 crazy82

crazy83 I am so loving the skater look. And check out, they have cute affordable winter coats. I picked up this one for both Diego and Dylan:

oldnavy Oh yeah, If you shop online like me, be sure to visit this site, RetailMeNot for coupons and discount codes before you make your purchase. Thanks guys for supporting my in my addiction. Oh yeah, just don’t tell the hubby about this.

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