7 Months

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can you believe that my precious boy will be ONE in only a few more short months. In case you didn’t know I have already started planning the big shindig- more on that later. Dylan so far is the TOTAL opposite from Diego. He is a quiet, serious, happy baby. He is a MAMAS BOY to the max. If all babies were like Dylan I would have more. Dylan loves to eat, and eat, and eat. He is a healthy little fellow. He loves to cuddle, he stares at you for very long periods, I mean he just glues his little eyes on you. He loves, no, adores his big brother. He even has his first two bottom teeth. My baby D is growing up!


IMG_1180  IMG_1187 Dylan hates tummy time, always has. When he is on his tummy he tries to get on all fours. He rolls around all day long. I think he will be crawling soon, I don’t know if I should be excited or worried.

IMG_1281This is the look I got when he thought he spent to much time on his tummy.  IMG_1284

IMG_1290 As we all know baby D loves to suck on his hands and feet, constantly. If he doesn’t have his hand in his mouth you find him with his pacifier. He loves his pacifier, you can’t take that thing away from him.

IMG_1059 IMG_0853 IMG_0933 Dylan is also learning to sit up on his own. He pretty much has got the hang out it now, he doesn’t fall over and can sit up for longer periods of time.

IMG_0701  His new favorite toy is the Exersaucer, he LOVES that thing. The bouncer and swing have nothing on this bad boy.



This kid is gonna have curly hair just like his big brother, It’s a big mess now. Nothing I do tames those wispy curls.


I love you Dylan!

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