Daphne vs Velma

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The boys are huge fans of Scooby Doo and the gang. The other morning Dylan was playing with his Scooby Doo figures, and shows me Daphne and says " Daphne pwetty". I asked if he thought Velma was pretty and he said "No, she diffwent". I thought that was pretty funny. I asked him again and he said "no Daphne pwetty". Diego overheard this conversation and tells me 'well I like Velma, I think she is pretty". This is typical Diego and Dylan. These boys are the best of friends. They spend the day playing, jumping off couches, wrestling, fighting, screaming. They are so much alike, and also so different in so many ways.

Diego has always been my sweet, loving baby. He loves to cuddle. He tells me everyday that I' am the sweetest girl in the world, and calls me his best girl. We often say he is going to be the boy that has one maybe two girlfriends in his life, and devote himself entirelyto his future other half. Maybe a girl like Velma-intelligent and beautiful in her own way.

Dylan is sweet in his own way. He is definitely a little firecracker. When Dylan is in trouble, he turns up the charm. He asks for a hug, and tells you he loves you in his sweet little voice. Which distracts you and you forget why he was in trouble in the first place. He will tell you your his "best fwen" and then defriends you when you upset him. He will be our little ladies man. He will probably break a few hearts in his lifetime.

Daphne vs Velma? I guess the question remains.


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