Spring Break Fun

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here is another post with about a billion pictures of my boys, but these boys are just so stinking cute.

Our Spring break this year consisted of hanging at home for some much needed relaxation.  After we watched all the Nick Jr we could handle, and the boys grew tired of the playroom, we headed outside to burn some steam.


Diego is a one man band. So talented, didn’t ya know?

DPP_0125 DPP_0126

















I think it is about time we invest in a big boy bike for Diego. Last year he could barely reach the pedals and now he is way to big.

DPP_0112 DPP_0097
















My baby boy trying to ride his bike his Uncle Rob gave him for his birthday. He can’t quite reach the pedals, but he never gives up.

















This kid is so animated, it cracks me up.  DPP_0096DPP_0108
















This is the day I realized Diego was in need of a serious haircut. I used to grow out Diego’s hair and it would be so cute with curls just like Dylan. Yeah, not so cute now.  The following day we made a trip to the barber.DPP_0120 DPP_0119



















The wind is not Dylan’s friend, his curls were blowing every which way.

DPP_0110   DPP_0111DPP_0121DPP_0103  DPP_0118

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