Happy Birthday Daddy

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daddy celebrated his 33rd this birthday on March 6th! Daddy and I have been celebrating birthdays for the last 10 years so we don’t go too crazy for gifts like we used to back in the day. This year Diego planned our birthday celebration for Daddy. Diego decided he wanted to take Daddy to the Fort Worth Zoo to celebrate his big day. I think he kind of thought it was his big day, but Daddy still had a wonderful time.


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My attempt of capturing a picture of Daddy and his boys…

DPP_0026 DPP_0027


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I’ am kind of obsessed with skinny jeans for Diego. He can definitely pull if off.

 DPP_0011 DPP_0038 DPP_0021  DPP_0042 DPP_0049 DPP_0052


The penguins were super cute! Diego and I spent a good amount of time there, but he did not like when the penguins came to close to the glass.

DPP_0055   DPP_0065


Dylan loved the aquarium

DPP_0059  DPP_0058DPP_0060

Later that evening, we finished off Daddy’s big day with cupcakes, just the four of us. Diego insisted we have candles to make Daddy’s big day extra special. He picked out Daddy’s cupcakes and the color of candles. We sang Happy Birthday to Daddy, and the boys helped blow out the candles.

  DPP_0085DPP_0086  DPP_0088 DPP_0089 DPP_0090 DPP_0091  DPP_0092DPP_0093

It is nice to be able to have a low key, fun and relaxed celebration with just my boys and I. Sometimes the best gifts and memories are not the material things and extravagant parties, but the simply how we choose to spend it together.

Happy Birthday to my Husband and to the best Daddy! We Love You!

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