Monday, December 13, 2010

Diego sometimes comes up with the craziest things, out of nowhere. Half the time I'am amazed of all the information he has in that little head of his head. So I started documenting some of the things he says, so here you go:

Me: Diego stop jumping off the bed before you hurt yourself, and then you will have to go to the doctor.

Diego: I take a chance Mom.

And continues to jump off the bed.

Me: Diego do you want to sit on Santas lap and tell him what you want for Christmas?

Diego: No, I will tell you and you can go to the store and buy it.

Diego: Mom is your pee blue?

Me: Uh, No?

Diego: My pee is blue. I went pee pee and it changed colors.

Diego used to only use his potty, now he uses the toilet, so the toilet bowl cleaner was a new thing for him.

Diego: Stupid!

Me: Diego stop saying that it's a bad word.

Diego: Stup. Stup. Stup. Stup is not a bad word.

I have itchieitis.

Dinosaurs live in the jungle, and in museums

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