Oh Halloween

Monday, November 29, 2010

I LOVE Halloween! By far my favorite holiday. When Diego was 3 months old, his First Hallooween, I saw the cutest little brother and sister duo dressed as a pilot and a flight attendant. Ever since then, I was all about having a theme. Last year, I waited to the last minute so we couldn't find anything. This year, was my year. So I thought. Diego decided he wanted to be Batman, and Dylan could be Robin. He is on this Batman kick right now, so I went with it. Then a week later he decides he wants to be Buzz Light Year and Dylan could be Woody. Then the next week he switches back to Batman and Robin. Seriously this kid is so complicated. One day Diego saw a Super Man costume, and that was it, that was his costume. He did not change his mind after that. To make a long story short, Dylan ended up being a pirate, which I bought the night before Halloween. I was such a slacker, I even forgot to buy new Halloween buckets, so they used last years.

We headed out on Halloween night with my sisters and their kids, like we have always do, even way before I had kids. It's just our little tradition. I'am so blessed to have my sisters and brothers, minus one sister that is in Tulsa, we all live within a mile radius of each other.

As true Dylan fashion, he decided he wanted to ride in the wagon and eat his candy, after the first five homes we visited.

Diego of course loved every minute of it. He once again refused to hold my hand and wanted to walk around like a big boy with his cousins. He had so much fun running around from house to house.

Maybe next year, I will finally buy those KISS costumes for my boys, that I have been wanting for the last two years.
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