Operation Stay At Home Mom

Monday, May 3, 2010

Today was my first day as a part time stay at home mom. It was pretty low key, no activities planned or anything. We woke up had breakfast and headed to Walmart for some some quick shopping. Today was also the first time ever that I went to the grocery store with both Diego and Dylan, alone. So I was kinda anticipating a tantrum at some point but the boys were so good. I did make sure to have a conversation with Diego before we headed out, about being a good boy. He sure was, It might have been the Toy Story sippy cups I bought him. Haha! The kid hasn't used a sippy cup in a year or so, mainly because our former daycares thing was to teach the kids to use regular cups, to promote independence or something like that. Since he is on a Toy Story kick, which happens to be my FAVE movie, I indulged my little prince with the purchase. Then we had lunch, and Diego shocked me again. Never, ever, ever has Diego eaten a burger. Always refuses to, plus he is such a picky eater. Today he actually wanted to eat a burger, and he did, but without the bun. I was quite impressed with my little man, he is becoming more independent everyday. Dylan also deserved a lot of praise. Last night we put him down for bed without his trusty sidekick, the bottle. He didn't even notice, he slept all through the night. Now I know not everyday is going to be happy and stress free, but I think I'am up for the challenge.
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