14 Months

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Dylan,

You are now 14 months olds! You keep me on my toes non-stop. You don't sit still for very long, and now that your walking, you just keep going and going. You love to wrestle with your brother, and watch cartoons. Your slowly leaving the baby phase behind and becoming a toddler. Now you play with big boy cars and action figures. The baby toys are now in the corner collecting dust.

Your hair is getting wilder and curlier every minute. I'm still avoiding your first haircut as much as I can. I want to see how curly your hair can get. Even though it might be easier with short hair, since you like to put food in your hair and sometimes it's an unctrollable mess.
You put the remote or cell phone against your ear and blab away. You LOVE to dance, every day it is more evident. Any type of music you hear you shake your little booty.
Another thing you have learned to do, is tattle on your brother when he is picking on you. You scream "Mama" anytime he bothers you. You defend yourself if you need to also.

You are my beautiful sweet baby. I don't think you will ever get enough cuddling with Mom and Dad. You are content most of the time relaxing on our bed with us and watching tv. Nap time is your favorite part of the day. You can take 3 or 4 naps in a day if we let you.

Oh how I love you!

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