Flashback- Dylan's Birth Part 1

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dylan's First Birthday is right around the corner, so I thought I would tell the story of Dylan's early arrival. Exactly one year ago today, is when Dylan's story starts. The day started off like any normal day, getting Diego ready for school, running late for work as usual. We had just moved in to our new place that weekend, we had no heat- which is another story itself- and the house was a wreck, and we were not remotely prepared for the arrival of baby number 2. I made it to work, did my 8 hours, and at 4 o clock I was off to see Beth, my midwife.

 First let me say, I love Beth, she delivered Diego and I saw her way before babies ever came to play, so naturally when Baby D #1 came along I decided to keep seeing her instead of  a "Doctor". When I found out about Baby D #2, I called her office to schedule an appointment, and to my surprise she no longer worked there. I reluctantly scheduled an appointment with one of the "Doctors" and sulked all day. I ended up calling the office again and asked about Beth's whereabouts, and eventually found her at her new office in a different town. It was well worth the drive.

Returning to the real story:

I went for my 34 week checkup, Dylan measured big from the start so I went more often than normal for checkups so I really don' remember if this was my weekly or biweekly visit. Anyhow, I had my checkup, all was well, measurements, heartbeat, no contractions, no pain, no complaints. So off I go, and on the
way home my sister Amy met me at Michaels so we can start the baby shower planning. Then we went to Walmart, and at Walmart I feel kinda uneasy, pressure on the abdomen and bladder. My sister tells me I'm walking different, more pregnant than normal, which I just ignore. So five minutes later we are checking out, and I suddenly feel like I just peed on myself. I was like What the? Kinda embarassing, but it wasn't a gush of water how I thought your water breaking was supposed to feel like. As we walked out of the store to the car, the conversation went kinda like this:

Me: I think my water broke.

Sister: Really? Are you wet? Was it a gush of water or just like urine?

Me: I kinda just feel like I peed myself? Can you see? Am I soaked?

Sister: No, you look fine.

Me: Well maybe it was just a little pee.

So off we go to Michaels again, and on the way I kept feeling like I was peeing. I went to the restroom and sat on the toilet and said :
"I think my water did break".

So we waddle back to the car, call my doctors office, and get the on call doctor. This conversation is all a blur.
 On call doctor: "How far along are you?... (Me answering) Well you might just have passed urine thats normal.. and your not having contractions?... (Me answering) When was you last appointment?... (Me answering) An hour ago, Okay. Your not full term yet so I don't think your water broke, but go ahead and head to the hospital and we'll check it out just to be safe, I will let them know you are coming".

So I frantically head to the hospital thats about 20 minutes away in another town, call The Husband who is still at work, and find someone to watch Diego. It had only been exactly an hour since I left the doctors appointment so It was all going way to fast.

We get to L& D, give them the details, they put me in a room, work me up, hook up the monitors-mean while nobody really thinks my water actually broke, except for me. They decide they are gonna test the fluid with some strip of paper to check for amniotic fluid. Of course it changed colors, because HELLO my water broke! The nurse decides she is going to repeat it again, and went off to do something. When she came back, I said:

Me: Can I have some clean sheets and a gown, my bed is soaked.

At this point I don't think I have even been there 30 minutes, and of course the nurse didn't believe me.

Nurse: Why did you pee on yourself?

 She pulls up the covers and FINALLY notices the soaking wet sheets and says:

 I don' think we need to test you again, your water broke. I will call the doctor.

So they call my Midwife, since I was technically 33 weeks and 6 days or something, one day shy from 34 weeks she can't deliver me and her partner Dr. V has to assume care. Okay I thought, I can deal with this. So he decides he is going to let me deliver tonight, so I call my husband who is still at work tell him the good news. I call my boss and let her know I won't be at work the next day and next 12 weeks, text all my family and friends. Five minutes later the nurse comes back and says the Dr decided he does not want to deliver due to the gestational age of the baby, his lung development... At this point I'm only hearing bits and pieces of what she is telling me, I think I start crying. They are gonna stop my labor, start an IV  medication that will help with Dylan's lungs, and I would be on bed rest for a week and then I will be induced at 35 weeks. No I can't go home, I have to stay at the hospital, in case I go into labor again on my own. At some point they did an ultrasound to check if I was dilated. I was bawling and scared, and worried about Diego at home. I was worried about Dylan, and the complications- didn't really help that I just finished Maternity/Baby portion of nursing school- and I knew kinda to much about what could happen.  I was so upset, I asked for a catheter so I wouldn't have to get up to the restroom all night, and adjust those stupid monitors all night.
Finally, The Husband shows up, and I'm tired of crying, sleepy, and worried. He is standing over me, and all of sudden my vision is fuzzy. I can't see  him, the room is spinning, I can't breathe, and I start crying. He is freaking out so he calls the nurse.

Me: I think I'm having a panick attack.

Nurse: Have you had panick attacks before?

Me: Once, years ago.

Nurse: You should have told me that when I took your history.

Me: I have never had one again since the first time years ago, so I didn't think of it.

So you would think the nurse would be helping me instead of lecturing me. Next thing I know I wake up with an oxygen mask on, sweating and of course soaking wet. Somehow I fall asleep, I'm sure with the help of drugs, how else can I go on when my world was crashing down on me. I know kind of dramatic, but thats how I felt.

Stay tuned for Part II!
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