I'm a Ninja, I'm a Ninja

Monday, November 28, 2011

 I took these photos of Diego back in late September, I just have  not gotten around to posting them. I like to say Diego is my faithful model, but really he requires a little convincing sometimes. Other times he WANTS to have his picture taken and suggests poses that he wants to do. This particular evening I wanted to take some photos at golden hour, so I convinced Diego to get dressed, brush his unruly hair(we are trying to grow his hair out) and show me his "moves" as he says. We headed outside to the alley behind our house where the homes and trees behind blocked the sun. He loved being able to act like a ninja, dinosaur hunter, power ranger, and a super hero- a combination of everything he loves, and was happy to oblige his picture crazy Momma. After he took his mandatory photos, I sat on the ground and just let him play whatever he was playing and capture my little boy, just being a boy. I love his crazy imagination.

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One Response to “I'm a Ninja, I'm a Ninja”

Marilou said...

Diego is growing. He looks really big in this pictures. I had not seen him in a while. These pictures were nice.

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