No Picture Necessary

Monday, May 30, 2011

You would think this late in the game the hubby and I should have everything kid related figured out. Yeah, so not the case. Let me tell you a little story, and fortunately for you I have no picture to go along with this story. Yesterday we decided to spend the day at the waterpark. When we made it home, the husband gave the boys a bath. He got them out, dried them up, and did not put a diaper on Dylan, which sometimes he does let Dylan walk around naked. So we are in our bedroom with Diego trying to convince him he needed underwear when Dylan walks in. "Dada, Dada, gwoss" and he is holding out his little hand and he has something brown all over it. We had chocolate donuts out on the table so at first I thought he had gotten into the donuts. So the husband grabs him and looks at his hand and smells the brown stuff, and at the same time I realize he has the same brown stuff running down his leg. Someone yells and I don't remember who said it, It could have been Diego "its poop!". So we run around the house like crazy looking for diapers and wipes and a towel, and to clean up the poop he left on the carpet. Any outsider would definitely think we were NEW parents as crazy and chaotic as the situation. The point of this story is, always have your non potty trained two year old in a diaper.
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One Response to “No Picture Necessary”

Anonymous said...

funnny! funny! So I was thinking we should do that, spend a day at the water park but I figured you wouldn't want to... I was so wrong!!! ME

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