Saturday, May 7, 2011

Before I had kids I used to hope I would not be that annoying Mom that talked about their kids all day long and the cute and not so cute things they do. Now I understand what those Moms felt. I want to always remember the silly things Diego says.


Me: Diego, it’s almost my birthday.

Diego: It is??

Me: Yes, what are you getting me?

Diego: Do you like dinosaurs?

Me: Is this gift for ME or for YOU?

Diego: Umm, for me.


Me: We caught the bad man Diego.

Diego: They got Batman?!!

The night we heard of Osama’s death, Diego was watching the news with me, and I was trying to explain to him what was going on.


Diego: Can you buy Dylan a dinosaur, so I don’t have to share mine.


Diego: I know all about dinosaurs Mom. I ‘am  a scientist.


Diego: Your so pretty Mom.

Me: Thank you baby, your such a sweet-


This is mostly my fault, since I taught him that joke.

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One Response to “Diegoisms”

Bonnie @ This Young Mama said...

I was laughing reading this whole post, I can totally imagine Lex being exactly like this in a few years. I'll ask him, "Do you love me?" he'll pause and say "ehhh, NOOO!!!" at the top of his lungs lol.
I love the last picture of Diego, what a cute kid :)

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