Lil’ Buddies

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This past week I have caught some awesome moments between Diego and Dylan. Diego just loves his little brother. He also has started to call him by his name or at least tries, “Lyln” is what he calls him or “Broder” for brother. It still amazes me how much of a loving big brother Diego is, totally not what  we expected.


Diego loves to kiss Dylan whenever he can


Bear hugs for “Lyln”

102_0969Can  you feel the love?

102_0971 102_0994For some reason, Diego always holds Dylan’s head like this 102_0986

Looks like they are plotting against mommy and daddy102_1018More kisses for his little “broder”


I hope my boys will be this close when they are grown up.

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One Response to “Lil’ Buddies”

Anonymous said...

Diego is so cute all loving on little man. Gosh dylan is just like you doesnt even smile. lol

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