21 mths! Terrible Two's Here we Come!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dear Diego: AKA Diegie Wiegie, Babyboy, Diegies, BIG BOY

My baby boy you are flying along and now your almost two! TWO?! Should I be scared or should I be excited? Either way the last twenty one months has been the part of our lives. We have watched you change to the adorable little monster you are now. You are such a loving big brother and Im amazed everyday with how smart you are. You really must have inherited that from me. Yes sometimes you cry and whine, when you don't get your way. Sometimes you throw things and fight, but your still MY little fighter. You also love to cuddle, and color, and play, I envy how you spend your days.

Fun Facts about You at 21 Mths:

I yuv you: These are the 3 little words I have been trying to teach you since the day you were born. Finally a couple of weeks ago you mastered it. Let me tell you, it melts my heart when I hear you say this. Your favorite people to say I yuv you too: your "Baby" Dylan of course. Every morning and when we pick up Dylan from the sitter you say "I yuv you Baby". How sweet is to be loved by you...

DADDY: He is your best friend, the one you cry for first. Daddy ALWAYS gives you what you want, even when my I say no. You always want to tag along wherever daddy goes. Everymorning the first thing you say is "Daddy?" and when you come home from school "Mama, Daddy car" as you point to daddy's truck. I hope you will be best friends forever.

MOMMY: While I was pregnant with your brother, you completely did not want to have anything to do with me. Now, you can't be away from me. Even now as I type these words, you are sitting in a chair by me. You now cry when I leave too. You like to cuddle with me, and you want to sit in my lap too.

My Boys
Mine: Ahh, this is probablly your favorite word. Everything in this house belongs to you. I like this word better than your next favorite word "No".

Vodies: What daddy taught you to call me. This is also what your cousins used to call mommy when they were babies, because they couldn't say Laurie. I pretty much have stopped trying to convince you not to call me that.

Dancing Machine: That is what you are. You love to dance, dance and dance. Whether its to Backyardigans or Dora the Explorer, or any song on the radion, you bob your little head and swing your arms and legs wildly.

Mature: Not so long ago we couldn't even go to the grocery store without you running around the whole store, grabbing things, and crying. Lately you have showed us that you can behave when we are out and about. You walked to whole time at the mall the other day, just holding my hand, no tantrums, no grabbing, no running. Now you stay in your strolller the whole time we are out, without us trying to force you and stuff you into it. You have come a long way baby.

Smile: Your smile is the best part of my day. It is my favorite part of you. You have various smiles and I love them all. You have a very infectious smile. You are one happy boy, well most of the time.
Words: You have added alot of your words to your bilingual vocabulary. I don't know where they came from. Words you now say: uwanit, juice, shoes, car, school, more, stop, yeah, no, tash for trash, night night. You are even learning how to pronounce the names of your cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Fashionista: You definitely get your style from me. You love to try on your new clothes and shoes. You even want to sleep with your shoes on. You look in the mirror and you smile when we are getting for school. Not to mention you have a bigger wardrobe and shoe collection than I do. Your a handsome little devil and you know it.

I love you pumpkin! I can't wait for you to turn 2!
Love Mommy.

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