My Four Year Old

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear Diego,

Four!! Can you believe it? These last four years have been the best years of my life. You have brought us such joy and peace. You are such a independent, loving, kind, silly, intelligent boy. I enjoy seeing the world through your little eyes. You have taught Mommy and Daddy to slow down and relax and enjoy the ride. We are very proud of the little man you are becoming. You are still as sweet as ever. You love to cuddle, kiss, and twirl my hair in your little fingers. You have the cutest little dimples and chubby little cheeks.

You are such a smart boy! You know a little about everything. I' am often surprised with the things you say. You love to learn, explore and read. You also have an awesome memory. You can recall trips and random things we did a few years ago and even things you heard in passing. You are definitely detail oriented and inquisitive. You also tend to talk my ear off or anyone that would give you the time. Your vocabulary is extensive for a four year old boy. You often catch people off guard with your conversations and knowledge.

 You are the best big brother I could hope for. Mostly you love bossing your little brother around and sometimes claiming his toys as yours. The love you have for him is undeniable. At night you make sure you find his "teddy" so that he can sleep. You teach him how to fix things or do certain things, like jumping off the couch. You defend, protect, and guide him with such care and love. I LOVE to watch you boys run around the house playing hide and seek or building forts out of blankets and pillows. I know you will always be best of friends.


 You love to model for Mommy and have your picture taken! It took a while for you to get to this point but it was well worth the wait. Now you come to me and ask me to take a picture of you playing with your toys. You even have some good poses down. Not only do you like to model, but you love to be behind the camera and take pictures as well

 Your also quite the comedian! You love to tell jokes and most of the time they don't make any sense. You are also very witty. Sometimes I feel like I'am talking to a teenager with the things you come up with.

 Your not the greatest eater. You are quite the picky eater and you will refuse to try anything new. I can't even bribe you to eat new things. You are perfectly content with your staples of fruit, pasta, pizza and chicken.

You have a very active imagination. You pretend to have picnics and campouts in the living room. You jump from couch to couch pretending to be  Batman and Robin. You like to build imaginary things with your tools, or solve a mystery like Scooby Doo.

Every day you are becoming more independent. I hate to let you go, but I love to watch you be the big boy you want to be.

I love you Diego. To the Moon and back!


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8 Responses to “My Four Year Old”

Angela King said...

omg! he's so handsome. love your blog...going to add you to my google reader now! love the target shirt. btw. :)

Mandy said...

He is adorable. Such a sweet post.


Super cutiepie

Alli said...

He is adorable!

~Holly said...

Happy 4th Birthday to your big boy! He is adorable! You are so lucky that he likes posing for you. Love your narrative and photos!!!

Farm Girl in MD said...

Wonderful photos! I especially love #4,5, and 6--such beautiful colors and a handsome boy!

Jessica said...

Such a sweet letter to him, and wonderful shots to go with it!

Jill said...

He's adorable! I have one turning four in a couple of weeks and am starting to think about getting some shots of him. I hope he cooperates as well as your sweety!

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