Embrace the Camera

Thursday, June 23, 2011

If you know me, you know I HATE having my picture taken. I would much rather stay behind the camera. When I find that I'am in pictures I never share them with anyone, I rather keep those to myself and for my boys one day. So I have been trying to be IN more pictures with my babies. Today I decided to try out my self timer on my camera and we finally got a few I love. The boys thought it was pretty fun to hurry and pose and enjoyed counting the flashing light, which is pretty awesome because they are not very cooperative models most of the time. We might have to try that more often. I must warn you this is me all natural, after a long day, no make up, messy hair, with two dirty, shirtless babies with crazy hair and dirty faces.

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4 Responses to “Embrace the Camera”

Angel Haynes said...

And you look beautiful!! It's fun when the kids actually cooperate in taking pictures. Natural and gorgeous! :)

Jen | Our Happy Family said...

I find those natural pics are the best ones to look back on, a real snapshot of the day with kids!

ruthiehart said...

naked jaybirds!

Florence said...

I've been thinking of playing along with 'embrace the camera', a rather neat concept, but wasn't sure... until I saw your pictures. I love it. You've inspired me to try. It's not easy to be in front of the camera, but you and your boys look so happy, see it's worth it. Well done! I might be there on the linky thing next time... xxx

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