Blastball Season 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Diego had his very first game of blastball a few weekends ago. Blastball is pretty much like tee ball, where it teaches the kids the basics of baseball.   He has been super excited and has been practicing at home with Daddy and Grandpa, as well as with his team. When it was time to put on his shoes and his cap the morning of the big day he was anxious and ready to go. It was the cutest game I had ever seen. Most of the boys were more occupied with playing in the dirt or chasing butterflies, some boys just gave up and sat in the dugout. Diego caught four balls, and made sure to run over to tell me right after. He had so much fun. Now he is asking to play soccer, basketball and football.
 DPP_0777 DPP_0778

This little man ran around the field the whole time. I had to finally keep him occupied with some Iphone games

    DPP_0784 Grandpa giving Diego some pointers

 DPP_0787  Diego’sDPP_0788 first time to bat. He did a pretty good job, we just had to remind him to run to first base.

DPP_0792 DPP_0793



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