Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My baby boy,

I can't believe you are finally three! I'am such a lucky lady to have you in my life. Never did I think time will fly so fast, and my little chubby newborn would now be 3. I love you more than words can say, more than the millions of hugs and kisses I give you.

You are truly the sweetest little boy ever. I like to tell everyone you will make a WONDERFUL husband some day. I LOVE how you give me kisses on my arms, and when you ask for a hug and a kiss before I leave for work. I LOVE how you lay in bed with me and twirl my hair in your little fingers. My heart melts when you say "you so preety Momma". I especially love when you ask "baby is so cute, can we keep him" about your little brother. You are such a kind, loving boy, and I love you more and more for it.

You are no longer my little baby. Everyday you seek more independence. You rather not hold my hand when we are walking. You want to dress yourself without our help. You like to climb into the car on your own and buckle your carseat. Some nights you don't even ask for any toys or stuffed animals when it's bedtime, you say "I'm fine Mom, I don't need toys". It amazes me how much you have changed.

Your also an intelligent boy. You know and talk about, dinosaurs, and alligators, robots, and bunnies, the sky, the sun, and the clouds. You totally crack us up when you have new phrases and words. You love to count and read. You love to color and paint, and especially love Iphone games. You are inquisitive, charming, and imaginative. You love to pretend to build stuff, drive your Batmobile and go to work. You love being silly and knock knock jokes.

I can't wait to see all the new changes and things you will learn this year. I love you Little Man! To the moon and back!

Diego at 3

Favorite Activities
Coloring, playing at the park, playing soccer, coloring, painting, spending time with your cousins, reading, mall playgrounds, hide and seek, singing, dancing, music.

Favorite Foods
You are definitely a picky eater. These are your go to foods: Pizza, spaghetti, meatballs, chicken nuggets, peanutbutter, applesauce, macaroni, eggs, biscuits, hotdogs, corndogs, pasta, bananas, strawberries, grapes.

Favorite Shows
Yo Gabba Gabba
Max and Ruby
Mystery Hunters
Born Creepy
Ni Hao Kae Lan
Little Bear
The Jetsons
Scooby Doo
Batman and Robin

Your Latest Obsessions
Scooby Doo
Batman and Robin
Toy Story
You "babies"- stuffed ducks
Super heros

Your Sayings
"Are you kidding me"? - you say this anytime.
"That gwoss"- when you think something is gross.
"Whatever" - randomly, especially when you don't like what you are hearing.
"Yes Mom"- when I call your name
"No thanks"- when you are asked something you don't want to do
"Yes, Ma'am"- when I ask you to do something, like put away your toys.
"That so cute"- when you see bunnies, or babies.
"You so silly"- when Mom and Dad are being funny.
"That awesome"- when you get a new toy, or movie, or you try something new.
"That cool"- when you don't use awesome you use cool.

Your Not Always Perfect
You throw tantrums when you don't get away
You fight with your brother
Sometimes you don't like to share with baby brother

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