Things you Don't Learn in a Book

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I realize Mommyhood is a learn as you go process. Nope, nothing comes easily or naturally, sometimes. There are some things they never mention in the millions of books you read when you were pregnant. Sometimes you catch your self doing stuff you would never have done pre-baby era. I'm almost tempted to write a book on the stuff I learned post-baby.

Like what?

Well first DO NOT ever put a poptart in your pocket. Why is this so important? Well heres the lowdown for those who don't know. Diego loves him some Poptarts for breakfast, almost every morning he eats one on the way to daycare. Well one morning we pull up to daycare and he decides he doesn't want it. Well of course I'm running late as usual and don't have time to look for a trash can so I just stick it in my scrub top pocket. Then when 5 minutes later he asks for his Poptart, I reach into my pocket and grab at crumbs and sticky strawberry filling. Then I had the bright idea to clean it with a tissue, well that just got stuck on the sticky strawberry filling. So the rest of the day my pocket was stuck shut.

Second, there will come a day when you do something you vowed you never would do. Like what?
Well one morning as I'am loading the kids into the car, I notice Diego has something on the side of his mouth, probablly strawberry filling from his Poptart. I didn't have time to run inside for a baby wipe and I didn't have any in my car. I just quickly licked my thumb and dabbed at his face. Then Diego says "Luck (Yuck) Mama, luck. Thats qwoss" He was totally disgusted. I have done this not once, but maybe three times in the last few weeks. What has happened to me

So yes one day this can happen to you too.

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