Father’s Day and More

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This weekend we spent the days shopping, cooking out and attempting to have professional pictures taken of the boys. We went to one our favorite photography places Portrait Innovations, where you get a ton of pictures at a reasonable price. Once again, we planned to have photos of both Diego and Dylan together, and again Diego wasn’t a happy camper and cried the entire time. We even tried to trick him with toys, I even sat next to him, behind him, stood in front of him, but nothing worked. Finally we gave up, with the huge crocodile tears and swollen eyes, we weren’t going to get any awesome pictures.

This was our first attempt of joint pictures back in March when Dylan was almost a month old. As you can see Diego just wasn’t in a picture taking mood this time either.

0001 0003

This time, well we didn’t even get a shot taken, so I have no evidence of his tantrums. With the ways things are going I don’t think he will ever pose for another professional shoot.

In fact these were the last professional pics of Diego, taken back in December. What happened to that sweet little boy that loved posing for the camera? Oh yeah, he is turning two, and he isn’t so cooperative anymore.


We did get the cutest pictures of Dylan. He just loved the camera. There were so many to choose from, but these are my favorites.

my birthdayspring break 449 my birthdayspring break 450

On Fathers Day, we spent the majority of the day at home, relaxing. That was the best, plus it was way to hot to play outside. Daddy even made us a pancake breakfast, even on his day he takes great care of us. Later on that evening, we headed to Aunt Prieta’s Cynthia’s house for a Father’s Day cookout.

Daddy, Diego and Dylan

102_1195 102_1196


Mommy and Dylan 102_1206 102_1200

The Arriaga Family 102_1208

Mommy and Diego 102_1194


This was not actually taken on Father’s Day, but I just love this picture of my boys. This is how we normally spend our weekends, when we are off of work and school. In our PJ’s spread out on the living room floor or in bed watching Wubbzy or Backyardigans, Diego’s favorite.



Diego recently got his very first bike. We skipped the traditional tricycle and bought him this one with lights and engine sounds. He can’t quite reach the pedals, but he loves it. He mainly just pushes it around.

102_1134 102_1135

Stay tuned for our attempt at family portraits here in a few months, I’m pretty sure I will have some interesting stories to tell.

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