3 Months Baby!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dylan, I really can’t believe it has been 3 short months since you made your unexpected appearance and turned my world upside down, in a good way of course. My little “punkin” has grown so much, and your not that little bitty old man baby we brought home, like Benjamin Button almost! At your 2 month checkup you were about 11 lbs-I think, I forgot to have them write down all your measurements. Note to self: make future doctors appointments ONE baby at a time. What can I say, it is a learning experience for all of us. You have had many accomplishments, but our favorite is that your finally sleeping through the night! WOOHOO!

My little man 102_1064102_0940

You definitely can keep up a conversation. You now make all types of “goo’s” and many more baby sounds. 102_1009My sweet boy, I think you love taking pictures! You always have a silly face for mommy. I love the surprised look you have been giving me lately.


You love to cuddle, and when you lay beside mommy you snuggle so close to me, you fall fast asleep. That’s our new naptime trick.


Those adorable little smiles you showed off a couple of months ago, well they are better than ever. You especially give a glimpse of your sweetness anytime your getting your diaper changed.102_0984102_0831

I can’t wait for all the wonderful things to come! We are in for a quite ride this first year, you wait and see. You are such an awesome and beautiful child. I thank God everyday for blessing us with you.


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