Letters to our Sons | March

Monday, March 25, 2013


This year I’m joining a group of women that share a love for photography and are also Mothers to boys. Each month we will write a new letter to our sons along with photographs. Please follow along with me and the rest of these amazing ladies.

To My Sons,

Every day I see your love for each other grow. I truly enjoy when Diego comes from school and Dylan is happy to see you and showers you with hugs. It melts my heart when Big brothers talks talks about walking Little Brother to class every day once he starts kindergarten. As much as I hate to say this, it makes me smile when Diego helps Dylan climb the counter and sneak into the candy and snacks . I can only hope you will continue to be best of friends as you get older.


I understand that sometimes its not easy being big brother and/or little brother. Sometimes you might need space from each other, and sometimes you might not like each other. Most of the days the ongoing battle between you two for the upper hand is exhausting. The constant fighting and stealing of toys is frustrating. Still, at the end of day, you come together and every night and help each other pick up the mess. Give each other a hug and kiss before bed. Say I love you, then 5 minutes later one or both are fighting over one pillow.


. Remember you will only have one brother, and you will only have your one first best friend. Brothers stick together. I love you both to the moon and back, higher than stars in the sky!

Please visit Lara Growder’s blog to read the next letter!

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2 Responses to “Letters to our Sons | March”

Jennifer Harris said...

What sweet boys you have!

Tracey Bohland said...

They are adorable!

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