23 Months

Monday, July 6, 2009


So the big day is almost here. My baby will be turning two in just a few short weeks. I have to admit I am kind of sad. Diego is learning new things, and growing up so fast, it is hard to keep up. No longer is he baby, but “Bic Boi” as he likes to say. This little man has become so much more independent and talks way too much. He is forming complete sentences now, and he is way easier to understand.


Diego’s New Discoveries

Doors: Yes he can open doors. I guess I should of Diego proofed the house. He couldn’t even reach the handle a few months ago, and now well he is in and out of every room. “Close door Mama” when he leaves my room, he allows me some me time.

Les Go: Everyday when we get ready for school, he repeats these little words. Locking the door, in the car, as we walk to the school door “Les go Mama”

Vmnos: AKA Vamanos. Little guy is picking up spanish now. If he is not saying “Les go” he is saying “Vmnos Mama”.

Night Night: So far we have not made the transition from crib to bed yet, but we have started just putting Diego in the crib and letting him fall asleep on his own. Those days of Daddy setting up blankets and pillows on the floor for a little sleepover are long gone. At first he cried, and cried, until he fell asleep. Now little man has his routine down, and doesn’t even cry, he pulls the blanket up to his chin and falls fast asleep. Every night does involve a couple of extra hugs and kisses as he tries to get out of going to bed, but finally he surrenders.


Toys: Tuck, Tain, Ball, Soar. Those are all his favorites right now. Every time we try to leave the house, they all have to come along too. Every night when he goes to bed, they all have to join him in the crib too.


Repeat: I have realized we have to be watch what we say now. He repeats every word we say, and keeps it in heavy rotation.

Potty Training: We have given up on potty training for now. Someone doesn’t want to wear big boy underwear or and refuses to even use the potty chair for its intended purpose. He does love his potty chair. Who says you have to use it as a potty, Diego uses it as a chair when he is watching his favorite cartoons. At least it is being used for something.

102_1284 102_1276

My little baby is growing up, I don’t know how much of that I can handle. I can’t believe it will be two years that he has been in this world. I can’t wait for what the next year will bring us.

I love YOU Baby D!

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