Two Months!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Dylan: AKA Dylie Willie, Dyl Pickle, Baby

I can hardly believe its been two whole months since you came into my life. You definitely have brought us much more happiness than I could imagine. What can I say, so far you are such a good baby. You sleep, eat, poop, sleep, eat, poop. But now little man you have blessed us with your crooked little smile. I hope those are real smiles and not just gassy baby smiles. Either way keep them coming! Everyday you look more like your brother Diego, lets hope you don't inherit his temper- he is so much like your daddy.

This little frog outfit was the first thing I bought when I was pregnant with your brother Diego, now you can wear it too. You look as adorable as he did when he first wore it. Shhh, don't tell him this belongs to him, he might just rip it off of you.

Time flys baby! You gave mommy alot of trouble, and I had to stay in bed to keep you safe. Finally you made your appearance, and we were all so happy.
I must warn you mommy is a bit obsessive compulsive, so you will have to deal with that. Your lucky you will not have it twice as bad as Diego did his first year. For now Dylie Willie, mommy is just gonna enjoy your sweet baby smell, your smiles, and your cries, and let you cuddle with me and Daddy as much as you want to. I wont even get mad when you pee all over me when I change your diapers.
Love Always,

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Anonymous said...

I think you missed your calling. I think you should be a writer! --Christy

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